“We want to offer immersive experiences to all age groups”- Saumitra Prasad, CMO, Kokuyo Camlin


From establishing intellectual property like the Camel Art Foundation to organizing a Project Ganga to reiterate the prime ministers ideology about clean India and from digitally celebrating the changed symbol of Google to allowing its customers to send e-rakhi on Raksha Bandhan, Kokuyo Camlin as a brand has experiential deep rooted in its ethos from its inception in the year 1931 itself.

But why is experiential so crucial for the brand and why is it not using the ATL mediums to market itself much like its competitors like Pidilite and Faber Castle? Well, we at Experiential Experiential got the answers to these questions directly from the Chief Marketing Officer of Kokuyo Camlin, Saumitra Prasad himself.

“Experiential is important to our brand as we understand that the customer today needs to develop an engagement quotient with the products rather than just knowing about its attributes. With that being said, we do use Television as a medium to reach out to the customers for a product which has a mass appeal however as long we are we are talking about products which are subjected to different age groups and sets, we fervently believe experiential campaigns and social media engagement is the way to go for us”-says Saumitra Prasad on the importance of experiential for the brand.

So how does the brand divides its marketing spends on different products? To this Saumitra Prasad replies by saying, “For a mass product 70% of the total marketing spends is allocated to TV and social media and 30% is religiously invested into on ground promotional campaigns which at times includes research work as well.”

Interestingly Saumitra Prasad also shares that the marketing strategy for Kokuyo Camlin is driven by the idea of offering something for every age group. He says, “We want to create more immersive experiences for every age group with our brand in picture, be it kids, their parents or young artists, we have something for everyone.”

On being asked who executes the on ground campaigns for the brand Saumitra says, “While RK Swamy BBDO is the current creative agency for the brand, our on ground promotional campaigns so far have been executed by different agencies on the demands of the campaign.”


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