“We're back with a renewed strategy”- Marcus Frost, Senior Marketing Director, Motorola


With 5 mobile brands launching the latest additions to their mobile phones in this very week, the marketing war for these brands is also about to get more exciting and ruthless than ever. Motorola is one of the 5 brands who joined the bandwagon yesterday, as it launched the third generation of the Moto G series at posh hotel in Delhi.

Being a mobile brand that has previously banked heavily on Flipkart for the sale and marketing of its products, Motorola has been a player with rather limited capacities in the experiential zone too. To ask will the strategies change this time for the brand, EE got in touch with Marcus Frost, Senior Marketing Director, EMEA and APAC at Motorola Mobility.

“India is one of our biggest markets globally and has been that ways since we started our journey in February last year and to prove that how important it is for us I would like to share the fact that we are having the Moto G third generation launch in India first, and countries like US and UK are on standby.”-says Marcus.

When asked upon what will be the marketing strategy for the product, he says-“The heart of the marketing campaign for the newly launched product is mainly going to be digital and heavily based on social media. We teased the launch of the phone on social media and we carried the same outdoor and it became a big success. And additionally since the phone starts selling midnight today and thus you will certainly see our presence across all platforms be it television, radio, outdoor and even print from tomorrow onwards.”

So what about experiential campaigns? Will Motorola invest in them? To this Marcus responds by saying-“Experiential is important to us and hence we have always aimed to have a strong backbone to provide better service to our customers. As an example we currently have 160 service centers in the country where customers can go to and we also have 10 vans driving around Delhi offering services to customers on their doorsteps on just a phone call.

We are about to expand this service in 9 other cities as well. We also have an experience center in Bangalore where a prospective customer can get a look and feel of the Motorola environment and we will be expanding these too. Additionally we will be continuing our mall activations at various locations with flipkart to generate and create more awareness about the product.”

Cream events executed the launch for Moto G third generation phones and Marcus seemed very happy with the overall execution of the event. When asked upon does he look forward to participating with more event agencies to execute such events?  he says-“Well, we are always going to choose the best who can fit the bill and deliver our vision with absolute perfection.”

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