“The most important function of marketing is creating and retaining a customer”- Ishu Datwani, Founder, Anmol Jewellers.


Over the last one decade, the Indian jewellery industry has grown and evolved tremendously. Since time immemorial, jewellery has been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition and has been perceived as an asset & also the most liquid form of investment in India. But over the years, there has been a definite shift in the mindset and taste of consumers. Today, the luxury buyer is very well-travelled with a global mindset and is exposed to international trends and international luxury brands. They have an evolved & refined taste, even in terms of their approach towards Indian luxury brands. They understand the true meaning of luxury and appreciate good design in jewellery. They are willing to indulge & invest in the design aspect of jewellery while purchasing a product and their preference is gradually shifting towards investing in diamonds and coloured gemstones rather than pure gold.

As a jewellery brand, to ensure that we are reaching the right customers, our marketing activities, communication and advertising mediums should be planned in a way that we partner with the right media & brands which are at par with our brand and target the Sec A & High Net worth Individual clientele.

Citing an example from our brand, at Anmol our USP is ‘Design’ and we have always strived to create a niche for ourselves in the jewellery industry with our innovative & exclusive Designs. A jewellery brand should always be very conscious of the image that they want to portray, which is why our advertisements are very elegant, understated and classy and aim to position Anmol as classy jewellery which stands for design and where product is of paramount significance. Over the years, we have designed some of the most path-breaking ad campaigns, the latest one being an innovative product focused campaign, involving an ingenious crafting technique & design oriented theme of Paper sculpture to convey the design inspiration of the product.

Experiential is always crucial for any brand to prosper which is why we have a very strong loyalty program for our customers, called the ‘Anmol Hug’. The ‘Anmol Hug’ is our way of expressing our gratitude to our patrons & friends who have supported us through our 29 year journey to create the ‘Era of Design’. This unique initiative aims at strengthening the bond we have shared with our customers, with personalized rewards & benefits offered only to the privileged few who are a part of the Anmol Hug. We also have periodic fashion shows either alone or with collaboration. Also we try to have smaller previews for our high profile clients where we show them our new collections. We do rely a lot on our buyers advertising for us by word of mouth as this is where the whole concept of creating customer experiences pays off

Also we have collaborated with some of the most well-known fashion designers and luxury brands like Gemfields, Forevermark, PGI, and World Gold Council in the past. I share a great relationship with designer Manish Malhotra and we recently joined hands to launch an exclusive collection of jewellery which was designed by Manish Malhotra & manufactured by Anmol Jewellers with Forevermark diamonds.

In the cut throat competitive atmosphere for brands today Internet has been a great boon to the jewellery industry. It is now possible for jewellers to reach out to a wider audience through website & social media. Emailers have become an effective and important medium of communication with clients. The online media is only growing and E-Commerce is gradually dissolving all boundaries between a brand and its buyers. The online world is really booming and an ideal jwellery brand should try using it to their best advantage. Also concentrating on online platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram & YouTube leads to tremendous following & reach on social media for brands.

As a part of our detailed marketing initiatives we also conduct our own market surveys and maintain the right demographics keeping in mind our brand philosophy, which helps plan our future marketing activities and strategy.

Jwellery brands today need to understand that branding is an integral part of marketing and it is essential for a luxury brand to have a distinct brand identity which communicates the essence of your brand. If customer today is really the king then the single most important job in marketing is the job of creating and retaining a customer. And the best way of creating and retaining customer is by building strong brands. A brand is more, much more than mere product it stands for. A brand is amalgam of physical product and notional images that go with the brand. When we recall a brand, not only do we recall the physicality of the product but also the images it conjures. The hub of advertising today is to go beyond mere selling. Advertising & marketing has to create those positive images that linger in the consumers mind.

As a luxury jewellery brand, you have to constantly re-invent yourself, come up with innovative ideas and new designs, keep abreast of latest trends, and trends which are going to come in the future. But I guess, if you are focused, then you can carve a niche for yourself as I would like to think, we at Anmol have done.

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