“The buzzword has moved from USP to UExP – Unique Experience Proposition” Says Sanjeev Pasricha, MD, CS Direkt


Boasting of clients like Tag Heuer, LG, Canon, Nikon, Hyundai and a host of others, the CS Direkt provides complete 360 degree marketing tools, combining creativity with latest technologies. Sanjeev Pasricha, MD, CS Direkt, shares his views on achieving an effective brand-consumer connect:

EE: Which are the means to create experiential campaigns to showcase brand benefits?

Today, consumers are more informed, intelligent and want to experience a brand and its products before reaching any decision to buy it. Experiencing the brand in real time and engaging in dialogues with the brand is a recent trend driving the market.  As such, the need of the hour is to create such experiences that surpass customer expectations and create brand loyalists.

EE: What are your goals to combat the challenges that lie ahead in the field of experiential marketing?

The biggest challenge is the ratio of advertising budget assigned to experiential marketing by the companies. Experiential marketing enables a company to establish a dialogue with its customers and deliver results in the product’s most important moments of truth – when a customer interacts with the product and brand in real time. The right communication, delivered in an effective way will not only help build a loyal customer database, but also ensure that the customers turn into brand advocates.

We wish to redefine the way organisations look at marketing. We want to change the way companies connect with their customers. We want to create a paradigm where companies can grow their business by adopting new and effective ways of connecting and networking. We are constantly in search for new and innovative methods of communication. We want brands to understand the true potential of experiential marketing and turn it into a powerful tool

EE: How have events become the face of marketing today?

Consumers today are more informed, intelligent and inquisitive.  The market has moved from the world of USP – Unique Selling Proposition, to UExP – Unique Experience Proposition where stakeholders want to experience the brands before they make any decision. The pivotal moment of truth for a brand is when its customers interact with it in real-time. The right communication, strategy and experience are vital to sustain as well as nurture customer relationships in this scenario. This is why events have become the face of marketing as they help brands establish a one-to-one relationship and share a dialogue with the customers.

EE: In which different ways are you able to reach the consumers?

We are the consultative partners of communication for our clients.  We provide a gamut of services that are tailored specifically for each client, keeping the objectives, industry, past precedence and competitive scenario in mind. We understand the client’s needs and create  pathbreaking experiences for his customers through a spectrum of different mediums like events, exhibitions, activations, mice, retail and films.

EE: What facets of a product make you choose your projects?

We work with brands that strongly believe in themselves. We have worked across a plethora of industries like power, technology, automobiles, cameras, medical, consumer durables, lifestyle products, smartphones, and many more.  The brands that we have worked with are committed to delivering the best to their customers, are innovative and oriented towards creating the best experiences for their customers both with their products and services, and through their brand communications

EE: Please tell us about your latest work?

Our strength lies in giving a unique personalised experience that is specific to the client’s objectives and surpasses his expectations, irrespective of the location. Some of our recent campaigns are Schneider Xperience Efficiency Tour that brings Schneider directly to its customers and spans across 50 cities across the North, South, East and West regions of India; Microsoft Partner Summit that will be held across three metropolitan cities; Canon Leadership Summit at Goa. These are but a few of the campaigns that were delivered successfully by us.

EE: You are a proud winner of awards : Best Brand Builder Award from CMO Council, Singapore. Do you feel that the awards that you received on a personal level for entrepreneurship have contributed towards Corporate reputation building of CS Direkt?

The rewards I have received on a personal level are also a reflection of my organisation’s achievements. They are a representation of how my team and I have achieved accolades for our clients. While awards are a good reflection of the milestones we have crossed, our true visibility is showcased in the results our clients achieve. Our client’s appreciation of our work, and the long term partnerships we build with them are worth a lot more. Our goals is to always do the best for our clients, surpass all expectations and create new benchmarks of success, not just for us, but also for our clients.

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