“Sanskriti Kumbh” Invites the Global Travellers to Prayagraj to Experience the Power of Kumbh

Sanskriti Kumbh organised by Naimisharanya Foundation at ISKCON temple in Juhu, was meant to spread awareness and significance of the Kumbh,that saw the who's who of film and art world. The event was organised to mark the Kumbh Mela which will be held in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj next January. Kumbh sees around 10 crore faithful devotees dipping in the Ganga and Last year, UNESCO declared Kumbh Mela as 'The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’


The event was a step ahead to showcase the significant of Kumbh that is regarded as a power source, since the past 3000 years ago. Kumbh derives its name from the immortal Pot of Nectar. Since ages, the Mahakumbh was designed by the great minds to meet and share knowledge as Kumbh became the melting pot of new findings and scientific knowledge that was shared by the saints and later spread across the different parts of the world for the welfare of the living beings.

Kumbh is considered as a source of great power and blessings that has been bestowed upon the sages and saints since ages. According to the Hindu mythology, it is believed that in the month of January when Jupiter is in Aries and Sun is in Capricorn, a holy dip in Sangam that is the confluence of 3 great Indian rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati is very auspicious, that wipes away sins and bestows power, knowledge and siddhi (expertise) to its seekers.

Sanskriti Kumbh was inaugurated in Mumbai by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath, his Maharashtra counterpart Devendra Fadnavis, Rajya Sabha MP and media giant Subhash Chandra, film industry veteran Subhash Ghai along with Senior RSS leader Bhayyaji Joshi.

Subhash Chandra said “First time ever, a Kumbh is being organised in Mumbai, that is an ideological Kumbh. Kumbh is our national heritage, which not only has spiritual and scientific significance but also has economic importance. Like Yoga, even Kumbh is India’s gift to humanity. Mumbai Kumbh is a platform to discuss ideas about Kumbh, it’s a Vaicharik (ideological) Kumbh”

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, said, “Mahakumbh signifies as a place of social harmony and delivers a message of national integration. It’s not just a religious programme, as crores of people come to Kumbha every year and nobody can identify who belongs to which caste, creed and religion, so there is no question of any discrimination in Kumbh, as it is rumoured.”

“Kumbh has been there for a long time, but it was only after PM Modi assumed office that it got the heritage tag from UNESCO. The Government of Uttar Pradesh is making special arrangements to make the Mahakhumbh a global event and is inviting people from across the globe to our state, since the idea is to take our Sanskriti to the world. High commissions of several countries will be attending the Kumbh Mela this year and I Promise that there will not be any dirt or smell in the kumbh premises.” Added Adityanath

Devendra Fadnavis said “India has always been winning the world through its culture (Sanskriti) and Kumbh is the mirror of the Indian Sanskriti. Kumbh has been showcased in Indian films as a place where people tend to get lost, but when we organised the kumbh in Nashik, we ensured that those who were lost, were united.”

Addressing the Occasion, Bhayyaji Joshi said “The Kumbha is a cultural event which reflects Indian sanskriti and tradition.”

The event also saw the release of two books — ‘Sanskriti Kumbh’ and ‘Mahakumbh Avem Sangam Snan’.

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