‘Respect the Road’ campaign ties up with smartphone-based Breathalyzer company- BeSecure Solutions


Cases of drunk driving in India are amongst the highest in the world and increase especially during the holiday season. The growing cab/taxi industry has also seen increased cases of drunk driving accidents by commercial drivers; fleet operators find it next to impossible to ensure that their drivers do not indulge in drunk driving.

With this background – BeSecure solutions recently launched smartphone based breathalyzers. These breathalysers plug into the smart phone and the user blows into the device. User/ employer can check the level of Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in real-time through an app. This allows them to make smart decisions regarding how to get back home safely. The app can also be used to call taxis, hail a driver or find near-by restaurants to sober up. Taxi operators can use the app to deny assigning any trips to the driver if his results are positive.

BeSecure partnered in “Respect the Road” campaign to curb cases of drunk driving this holiday season. As part of the campaign, they interacted with visitors at cyberhub (Café Delhi heights) and nearby outlets and engaged them through the use of the device and application. Over 100 visitors could check their BAC trends, before they sit behind the wheel. Many of them decided to hire drivers after knowing, while others with a low BAC decided to wait for sometime and grabbed some desserts before coming back to confirm that they were good to go.

“We want more and more pubs/bars to come forward and facilitate/enable this for their customers to ensure ‘responsible enjoyment’ and a ‘perfect night-out’. Given the different requirements for different users, we have come out with applications for bars/pubs, individual drinkers, radio taxis to remotely monitor if their drivers are drunk etc.”, said a BeSecure representative.

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