“People attending ICWF 2015 will remember, others will regret”- Samit Garg, Convener, ICWF


After its two previous editions in Jaipur and Goa being super successful in terms of creating educative, informative and memorable experiences for its delegates, the third edition of the International Convention of the Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) is back with a bang and promises to be more informative and up a notch in terms of its offerings.

EE caught up with Samit Garg, Founder, E-Factor and one of the conveners of ICWF in an exclusive interview where he spills the beans on the highlights, sessions and elements of ICWF 2015.

Q-Is there a particular theme that headlines ICWF 2015?

A-As such we don’t really have any one particular theme for ICWF 2015 as the idea is to make it more educative, interactive and participative so all of these elements are being directed accordingly to create an experience worth treasuring for the delegates.

Q-This is the third edition of the ICWF so what is that extra element that has been added to the convention this year?

A- Beginning with in terms of credibility ICWF has come a long way over the last two editions so with Turkey as the principal sponsor this year it is a great achievement for all our initiatives. We can certainly expect around 15-17 people from Turkey to participate in totality the convention will see around 25-50 international delegates coming in to share their opinions, ideas and experiences.

Also in year one, the convention had around 40-50 paid delegates, year two in Goa had around 140 paid delegates and we are expecting that number to be 300 this year. So an added element certainly is a more nationalized participation and an interesting fact worth mentioning is that this participation comes out of the EEMA family. So when I say that we are expecting around 300 paid delegates this year, only 40-50 of them are EEMA members and everyone else is coming from different genres of companies from across the country.

In terms of content what we curated at Goa last year was absolutely fantastic. And our initiative is to up that level this year so we already have an agenda in terms of what we are doing and how the sessions are going to pan out. Much like previous years this year also we have a stellar line up of speakers like Omung Kumar who is a well known Production Designer and Director now, who will be delivering a session on ‘Nuances of architecture in the space of set design’, then we also have 4 international speakers coming in, Mr. Rob Van Heldan who has over 25 years of spectacular experience will be doing a session on floral arrangements, we also have Mr. Sumant Jayakrishnan who is a contemporary art and costume designer who will be doing a session of scenography and its applications in the space of private social events, we also have Ritu Dalmia and an International wine society doing a session on wine and cheese, so all are efforts are being initiated in bringing this convention at a world class level where the idea is to tell our delegates that weddings are not just about decorations but all about creating a wholesome and memorable experience.

Q-The first edition of ICWF happened is Jaipur, the second one being organized in Goa and in the third edition we have come to Delhi. Any particular reason for Delhi being chosen as the city for the convention?

A-Well, yes there is a reason behind this. After last year’s convention was over people found it to be an educative and informative experience and thus executives from many companies came up to us and shared that many people missed out on the convention as it had been organized pretty far away in Goa. Hence to make it more affordable and accessible for the industry it was required by us to organize this third edition either in Delhi or Bombay so we decided to go for Delhi.

Q-What are going to be the highlights of GIWA 2015?

A-The biggest draw this year for GIWA is that we have a big name coming as a process auditor this year. The announcement of the name will happen next week. The last date for entries is July 6 2015.

Q-If you have to describe ICWF in just one line what would that line be?

A-I would say-‘People who will attend will remember people who will not attend will regret.’

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