“My office boy rides the digital wave”- Mandeep Singh, CEO, CPM India


It was ten past 9 on a Saturday night when I finished my work on a pitch, that I received an urgent message from the editorial team that it was the last day to submit my views. I ordered a cup of coffee and started thinking. While I was at it, our office boy got the coffee. I asked him about the biggest change he had seen in the last 10 years. He smiled, put his hand in the pocket, and took out his mobile phone. He said now he could click pictures and listen to music whenever he wanted to. I was not surprised; it instantaneously made me tap my pocket, and I took out my Iphone6 and realized that smartphones surely were one of the key doers in the last 10 years.

I asked him to sit down and tell me what had changed in the office environment. He was amused and we had an interesting conversation for the next one hour.

The second thing, which had a big impact, was the LCD monitor for computers. Gone are the bulky monitors and instead there are elegant smart LCD displays. Wi-Fi emerged as the third choice as access to Internet on Wi-Fi has helped the Net grow at a much faster pace. Surprisingly, the fourth thing also emerged from his pocket – the USB memory stick. He could pass on bulk of information through this, but his real reason was that he could put this in the TV at home and watch some good movies.

His fifth choice was Facebook (read social networking sites). He felt everyone in the office was either on Facebook or Twitter or both throughout the day. He gets to know what they are up to, and where they party and where they vacation, etc.

I could have easily got some more gems out of Praveen that night but it was nearing 10.30 pm and both of us have had a long day so we ended the conversation.

P.S. Praveen was prompt to send me a friend request on Sunday afternoon!!

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