‘My Daddy Strongest’ initiative lends a healthy start to Father’s Day


Father’s Day is around the corner bringing with it an opportunity to recognize the generally under-celebrated paternal bond. On the occasion a walk is being organized at District Park at Safdarjung, New Delhi from 7 am to 10 am on Sunday, June 15. The program named ‘My Daddy Strongest’ is an initiative to make kids realize the importance of having fathers in their lives and inspire fathers to take up a healthy lifestyle.

Fathers are the safety net when children aim too high, protecting them from any possible hurt no matter how hard they fall. He is the constant guiding light in our lives showing us the right path and directing us with a sharp vision. The ‘My Daddy Strongest’ program brings in focus the issues that fathers in their 40s and 50s are dealing with, especially on the health front. In the midst of their busy lifestyles, work stress and all miscellaneous responsibilities, many of them chose to ignore their health causing serious health problems like heart attacks and organ failures that even lead to early deaths.

Father’s Day serves as a fitting opportunity to rekindle the father-child bond and help fathers realize the importance of their well-being and how their ill-health stands to impact their families.

This Sunday, 15th June, let’s bring some memories of his youth back into his life and show him a healthy start to the day.

The initiative includes a Health Walk, Health Talk by Yoga Master -Guru Dev, Street Play, Performance by Delhi Drum Circle and interactive games. The Health Walk would be a short and friendly walk up to an hour long for people of all ages and abilities. Each walk is led by volunteers. All events and games start around 7 am.

Register yourself and your father at +91 9953185735 or write to

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