‘Japan Film Festival India’ prepped to extend a cultural experience


The Festival will be hosted from 12th to 14th December 2014 at Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai featuring 10 masterpiece Japanese films along with a variety of Japanese cultural activities and programs

 Contributing to build up an ever-lasting relationship between India and Japan through art and culture, K • HOUSE Inc, the restaurant giant of Japan with a growing market presence in India, announces the inaugural edition of ‘Japan Film Festival India (JFFI) 2014’ in Mumbai. The Festival will be hosted from 12th to 14th December 2014 at Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai featuring 10 masterpiece Japanese films along with a variety of Japanese cultural activities and programs. This whole endeavour by K house, Japan and supported by the Government of Japan (J-LOP) is to further enhance the cultural bonds between the two great nations of Asia.

 At the Festival, the audience will not only have the opportunity to enjoy award-winning Japanese classics, but also will be able to experience unseen attractive Japanese art & cultural activities including Taiko (Japanese drum perform), Karate (Japanese traditional martial arts), Origami and Sado (Japanese Tea Lessons for traditional side). Introductions of Japanese enterprises, brands and other production will be available along with stage content, experience-based activities, booths exhibition and a lottery chance provided by K House.


 Talking about the importance of the event, Mr. Takeshi Kogahara, Chairman K House INC said, “India and Japan share close resemblance in terms of rich culture, food, clothing, art or social practices. Cinema depicts all dimensions of a nation's culture and to enhance the bonding between these two prolific nations, we have conceptualised the Japan Film Festival India. The festival is an effort to share Japanese art and culture with Asia's most youthful nation, India and reach out to the masses, inviting them all for exploring business opportunities and tourism. Through our endeavour of JFFI would like to open up opportunities for greater film exchange and co-production opportunities between India and Japan.”

 “JFFI as an annual event will be the platform for exposing the best of Japanese films in India.  We will keep on providing Japanese culture and brand experience to the people of India in the future as well. We are also contemplating to host an exclusive Indian Film Festival of similar format in Japan in the near future,” he added.

 Mahesh Bhatt said, “Cinema is the glue that binds diverse cultures together. The Japanese Film Festival will open up a new chapter in the Indo/Japanese story.”

Mr. Palash Banerjee, MD, K House India said, “I am that Indian who has spent 20 years of his youth in Japan. I have inculcated the Japanese culture in me and yet could never give up my Indian roots. In these long years that I spent in Japan I realised how close our cultures are... How similar our family bonds, social functions and ways of expressing emotions are. So it was never too difficult to adopt the Japanese culture. Yet I saw very little mingling between the Nationals of these two Asian nations. Honestly speaking what I missed the most in Japan was our Indian Films. Since then it was my dream to see the exchange of films between the two nations. Rajnikant films spelt great success in Japan and he has a cult following there. In more recent times films like English Hinglish, three Idiots and others have done extremely well. This was the time when we thought it was time we should have an exclusive Japanese film festival in India so that the Indian audience are exposed to these great films created in Japan and more importantly the Japanese culture.”

The festival conceptualized by K • HOUSE Inc creates a platform for the film fraternities of both the nations for mutual business benefits, promoting Japan as a great destination for shooting Indian films and establishing greater cultural bonds between both the nations.

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