"I am at my happiest when I am on stage", Priyanka Lalwani

Priyanka Lalwani's love for the stage has earned her a rare recognition which only few can claim. In an interview with Everything Experiential, Lalwani spoke about her journey as a presenter,her love for the stage and more.


Being a presenter in today's times is one of the most sought after careers.Though, not everyone is born with the gift of the gab, but those who do are part of the coolest jobs that we hear today.

One such name is Priyanka Lalwani. Her love for the stage has earned her recognition which only few can claim.

In this interview with Everything Experiential, Lalwani spoke about her journey as a presenter,her love for the stage and more.


Tell us about your journey as an Emcee?

Initially, I started as a model where I won the runner up title of Miss Nagpur 2007 post that I came across a lot of opportunities like being on the cover page of a magazine, advertisements, print shoots, etc. out of all there was this one in particular of hosting a wedding event, I thought this is something challenging which I should not miss so I took it. Obviously, I was very nervous because it was my first time on stage but once I started I felt some kind of power and sense of responsibility which made me happy that’s when I decided that this is also what I want to do and since then I’ve worked hard whether it was socializing or improving my skills.Because somewhere deep down I knew I have it in me.

And by god’s grace I have a very understanding family who has given me the liberty to choose and fulfill my aspirations at my own pace.

How do you think this profession has aided your career?

Once I had to play a part of an emcee in Vikram bhatt’s web series “Spotlight 2” where I was hosting a concert. I was given the script last minute it was quite lengthy but since I do a lot of live shows which has helped me in being spontaneous so it wasn’t that difficult and once I went on stage and the director said action, everything just came out quite effortlessly and it was done in one take. 

Tell us about some memorable moments in your journey as a host.

Well as an emcee I get to be a part of different customs and cultures but even though I’m a Sindhi I haven’t had any opportunity to host a lot of sindhi events. I was invited to host the Cheti Chand Event (Sindhi new year) in Dubai by the Sindhi community there. It was an honor & a unique opportunity to engage with Sindhi’s beyond our country and getting to celebrate with them in both styles. Out of all the numerous events I’ve hosted this would be the one that I will cherish because it’s close to my heart and culture.

In your view what are some of the drawbacks of being in this profession?

It’s not consistent, since it’s a freelance work.
So there are a lot of times when you don’t have work or anything else to keep you occupied with which can take a toll on your mental heath. 

Tell us something about your brand-collaborations.

I’ve worked with some of the esteemed brands like  Aditya Birla, Lakme fashion week, Scwartzkopf to name a few. I have met people & seen what it takes to make a brand which made me realize how important team work & level of professionalism has to be and being appreciated by them has boosted my morale and made me feel proud of my progress. And every brand that I’ve worked with I’ve grown as a person and a professional.

What are the other activities that you are involved in apart from being in this profession?

Actually I’m occupied with other professional activities which I don’t have any complaints about rather I’m very gratified and happy with whatever I have on the plate right now. 

So apart from being in this profession, I am also an actor and a model.

I have done a special role opposite to Dharamji in “Yamla Pagla Deewana -Phir Se” and it was a great opportunity to work with a legendary actor like him. I’ve done cameos for TV serials and web series, advertisements for some well-known brands. 

I have also been an artist manager but I think now I wish that somebody manages me.

What is the scope of making a lasting career in the live events industry?

There is a wider scope which can open up horizons of multiple industries like corporate, wedding, film etc, At times it get’s a little difficult but if you’ve got the skill then no one can stop you. You need to find your niche and work hard on it, you’ll have to educate & invest in yourself build your contacts and just make sure you keep improving with each passing day.

What made you decide to take up emceeing as a full-time career?

Having the sense of responsibility because you don’t want to mess up with someone’s event knowing how important it is to them and being able to achieve that gave me a sense of fulfillment. And the capability that I can improvise on the spot gave me an excitement which always makes me keep coming back to it.

In between when I took a small break my best friends made me realize that how important this was for me and how I’m at my happiest when I’m on stage since then there has been no turning back.

Sometimes you just know it otherwise you just need a little push from your friends and family. So I’m sure it”s preparing me for something big and challenging.

To err is only human. Tell us about an on-stage epic fail that still makes you cringe.

Well that’s true as humans we do mistake but as an emcee it’s my job to cover up and make sure that other than me know one knows about it. :P

I was hosting a wedding event in Surat, I remember there was no coordination between both sides of the families and the choreographer. Every time I was on stage halfway through introducing the act I had to change and announce another performance while they were still fighting over which side of the family will perform first.  Funnily it was like a war between them.

Although I managed but it was extremely embarrassing as a professional and it’s still cringe worthy.

If you could, what would be your advice to yourself as a newcomer in the industry?

To open up more and to stop and enjoy all the moments so that you don’t regret anything as everything which comes in your life has a deeper meaning. And its ok to fail because when you fail you don’t leave empty handed you get experience which is priceless for a newcomer.

Polish your skills be aware of your surrounding and have in and out knowledge about your profession. Whatever it is, connect to it find your purpose, find your vision and give it your best. Also keep your hopes and inspiration high so that you can flourish in a career which you haven’t anticipated.

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