“Each wedding tells a unique story and we are here to help you tell yours” - Ankita Chugh, Director, Ankita Chugh Weddings

Being in the business of transforming fantasy and dreams into beautiful experiences, Ankita Chugh Weddings are known as a dream team that knits magic into events, making them an unforgettable affair. With a strong belief in an amalgamation of contemporary & traditional stories woven together in the most memorable formats, ACW has an expertise ranging from Royal weddings at exclusive destinations to trend setting themed weddings. In an exclusive conversation with BW Applause, Ms. Ankita Chugh, Director, Ankita Chugh Weddings shares her experiences as a wedding planner:


Q- How and when did this journey start?
A- Ever since my college days I have been very interested in organizing events, parties, socials, etc. Back then I never realized this was even a career option let alone a well-paying one! Hailing from a small town, where a career in medicine or engineering were considered worthwhile options, a wedding planner's profession was unheard of!
Post my MBA, followed by my corporate stint in handling ATL & BTL. I got more interested in the world of events and decided to pursue something more challenging and exhilarating. Ankita Chugh Weddings was born to make not only my dreams but also the dreams of many others come true!

Q- What are your favourite venues’ for a wedding?

A- My favourite venues are palaces as they have more intrigue and charm. In India Hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace is by far my favourite, followed by the Opera House in Monaco, Chateau De Versailles in France and Ciragan Palace in Istanbul.

Q- Share with us one your most memorable experience?
A- The concept was to recreate the Ghats of Holy Ganges and bring in the same divine intervention and sacredness of the Holy Arati at Ganges on the beautiful venue of Banaras Ghat at Aamby Valley. We created the theme "Banaras Weaves" and had put across all drapes woven in Banarasi Style. To further give more authenticity, and to cater to our key objective of evoking our spiritual senses, we brought Magnificent Ganga Aarti to life and made every moment of the evening filled with the sublime. A group of priests was called specially from Banaras to carry out this ritual.

Q- When it comes to venues, entertainment and cuisines, what are the demands of the new cosmopolitan clients?
A- The clients have varying demands as per their traditions, customs, styles, etc. The modern Indian bride has traditional values yet has her own individual identity, preferences and tastes. She is well traveled, cosmopolitan and discerning. The style is very important to her, so is an element of novelty or uniqueness has to be there. Some clients prefer high impact luxe weddings while others like to go for more intimate and relaxed settings. Décor wise people want to experiment with bohemian or quirky themes for side functions. Cuisines are affected by fads, they want to inculcate a little bit of every cuisine in the menu, like live stations, and fancy bar menus, but what's gone through a big transformation is the presentation.

Q- What’s your favourite part of planning a wedding?
A- All the parts, but if I had to choose it's the time when you know something you have done has set the mood for an event. The reactions you get are priceless! Sometimes even we are left speechless by the sheer beauty of the locations and the settings and see how all our efforts have tied together to create a beautiful story.

Q- Destination or home wedding – which one do you prefer and why?
A- Destinations! They have their own vibe. You know you are going to have a very exciting time in a Paris or a Monaco. Nothing speaks serenity or peace like a tropical paradise, the intimacy of a barren desert landscape can be quite extraordinary...Moreover, there are more challenges to conquer. It also creates a new experience for the guests at the wedding and through our extended hospitality we make the guests feel like at home yet have an experience of a destination wedding.

Q- Weddings have entered a new space – What are your comments on the same?
A- Indian weddings have always been larger than life and ostentatious, but they have also changed. Contrary to earlier when one wedding looked like the next, weddings have their own personality today. They reflect the lifestyles and personalities of the couple. At Ankita Chugh Weddings we realize that each wedding tells a unique story and we are here to help you tell yours.

Q- How deep should be one’s pocket to afford a wedding planned by Ankita Chugh?
A- There's only one way to find out. Give us a call! :-)

Q- Your advice for budding wedding planners?
A- Be true to yourself and your clients, go the extra mile and success will follow you.

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