#Dessertarianfest is aimed at the appreciation of a unique cuisine- Jaideep Singh, 5 Guys Project

After vegetarian, non vegetarian, eggetarian and pescatarian, 5 Guys Project makes a leap to launch another kind of food group- Dessertarian. The first of its kind in the league of “festival of desserts”, showcasing a large variety of desserts under one roof, #Dessertarianfest is keeping a focus strictly on desserts. The event will be taking place twice each year at Select City Walk and has plans of making inroads into other parts of the country. Speaking with Jaideep Singh, partner 5 Guys Project, here are some insights to the kind of action your sweeth tooth can expect from 24th to 26th March 2017.


Q- Where did the idea of this festival come from?
Being dessert lovers, we keep our eyes and ears open to hear about new places and variety of desserts that keep coming up in and around the city. We often try and visit some of them, but we felt it would be exciting to create a community for dessert lovers and bring the desserts to them, and that was where the idea of #dessertarianfest germinated.

Q- Why a mall, don't you think a captive audience is likely to get distracted?
The core of the idea of doing this is to pick a dessert lover and captivate them in a space filled with desserts. Instead of distracting people, we feel it would be more experiential and the desserts may well distract the audience from all the shopping.

Q- What are the brands on board?
We are bringing on board a lot of exhibitors that people may not have tried before. Our idea is to create a space that concentrates more on regions and variety, rather than just brands. The idea is to make the whole dessert experience more accessible to the people. We will be disclosing the names soon.

Q- Will there be any form of entertainment at the event? If yes, what kind?
Yes of course, there will be heaps of entertainment and crowd engagement at the #dessertarianfest. You can expect a lot of contests, free goodies, celebrity chefs, performances topped with little surprises.

Q- Is this a ticketed event?
No, #dessertarianfest is free for all to attend. We wouldn't like to put that restriction on people from being a part of something they love.

Q- What is the long term objective with the event ?
The long term objective of #dessertarianfest is to create a community of dessert-lovers and bring them together under the #Dessertarians umbrella. We want to make it as powerful and impactful as vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We would love to know them and grow further with them. As we said before, we consider desserts a separate cuisine and we would like to inculcate that feeling in the minds of our fellow Dessertarians.

Q- What is the experiential quotient you are planning around the event?
We will have people serving desserts the way they were originally meant to be served. Not the commercialised ways that we see in stores now.

Q- Are you planning to take it to other cities as well?
Indeed, that plan is already in the works. We have a lot of confidence in the power of desserts and dessertarians!

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