“Customizing personal experiences is extremely critical for brands today”- Ramesh Kaushik, Grohe


Grohe is a well known premium brand for sanitary products and systems across the globe and holds a dominant position in the Indian market as one of the largest selling foreign brands. Though as a brand Grohe caters mainly to the ATL segment of the country however the lack of opportunity to experientially charm their target consumers has not dampened its spirits as its Individual connect venture Grohe Live Centers is looked upon as a successful example of consumer driven initiatives.

EE Caught up with Mr Ramesh Kaushik, General Manager-Marketing, Grohe India in an exclusive interview on the experiential connect by the brand, the current trends in the industry and so much more.

Q-What do you think are the elements of a successful marketing strategy for a brand today?

A-In my tenure as a professional I have worked for different brands such as Vodafone, Pantaloons and now Groha and from my experiences in all these years I have acquired a belief that any brand that connects with the end consumer is certainly going to grow. Brands these days are either channel driven, process driven or consumer driven but a successful brand is one which weaves all its strategies, initiatives and activities around the consumers.

At Groha any discussion that we have is based around the need of consumers as that is our first priority and it is the consumer that is gratifying and the gratifier today. We have moved from a world of traditional media to an era of new media and in this new era though the products from different brands have changed but the consumers have not. They are still hopeful and ambitious for all the good things in life and hence the element of success for any brand or marketing strategy is keeping the needs and demands end consumer as the crux of all its activities.

Q-In your opinion what are the live-wire marketing trends existing in the sanitation industry currently?

A-The sanitation industry today has moved way beyond the time when the need of proper sanitation was not personal. Previously there was only a single toilet in a family but today you have a separate one for parents, for kids and guests etc. So what was a “We Space” once has now turned into a “Me Space” now.  People now want to have their own personal washrooms as per their own preferences.

Digitization is also a new trend existing in the industry today as with the advent of technology you also have products that run with the help of I-Pods. Another trend in the industry today is awareness for water conservation; today a consumer wants a better shower experience with the lesser use of water as a resource.

Q- How important is creating individual experiential connect for brands today?

A-On ground experience is very important for a brand today. As though you can have a luxurious advertisement in a newspaper today but that does not give your prospective consumers an experience into what your product actually delivers. Also with the abundance of information out there in the world today the consumer attention span has gone down rapidly and thus customizing personal experiences has become extremely critical for brands today.  To stay relevant to its consumers it is important for every brand to have their individual strategies and convert larger sets to subsets.

Q-Share with us some experiential activities undertaken by Grohe recently?

A-In terms of experiential we have Grohe Live centers in Bangalore and Mumbai where we invite individuals for shower experiences. The experience is not fabricated and uses real water to deliver the actual one a consumer would have if they get our products installed. Also the Grohe Live centers offer the opportunity to customize their shower experiences to customers so that they can make a clear decision on what to buy. A similar center in Delhi is also on the cards for us really soon. Also we plan to open 30-40 more retail stores in the country by the end of the year.

Q- Share with us any consumer driven campaigns by other brands that you loved and admired?

A-When I was working with Pantaloons in the footwear section we had products from the brand Converse and I was really inspired by how the brand integrated underground music and developing young artists to its ethos. By associating themselves with emerging talents and unconventional music they created a whole new generation that grew up loving the new genres of sound. So the integration of shoes, music and youth in a single brand ambience is what I loved from Converse.

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