“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

It’s time for every Indian and every Indophile globally, to rise and empathetically answer the clarion call of those severely impacted, writes Anil SIngh in his latest column.


Just six months back, no one, not even the reputed French astrologer Nostradamus could have predicted that our lives in a matter of months, would literally be flipped upside down and turned inside out. Due to the virus, the negative impact on society, be it financial, mental, or social  is truly unprecedented. COVID 19 in one way or another has impacted each and everyone of us globally, including our most vulnerable assets, our parents and our children.

In India the situation is dire. Based on the 2017-18 data compiled by the Periodic Labour Force Survey, it is estimated that due to the lockdown and the halt in economic activities, over 140 million informal workers are at the risk of losing their LIVELIHOODS and falling into deeper poverty if the situation persists. God forbid if ever this grim scenario was to play out, the damage caused by the loss of livelihoods and the effects there off, would be simply catastrophic. 

It’s time to ‘Get Involved’. It’s time for every Indian and every Indophile globally,  to rise and empathetically answer the clarion call of those severely impacted. Especially those who by God’s Grace are privileged or fortunate enough to find themselves in a better place. It’s important to realise that if we together cannot minimise or reduce the suffering, we may find our very own future in peril. 

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does” wrote William James the celebrated American Philosopher. With the very same belief in our hearts and minds, Procam International took a GIANT step forward, setting the stage for the launch of our latest digital initiative ‘SUNFEAST INDIA RUN AS ONE’. Laying emphasis on the word giant is intentional, it represents scale. SIRAO is making a giant plea for you to endorse this initiative by actively participating and influencing others to get involved. We need to hear your VOICE and we need to hear it loud. We need to come together in one unified voice for our message to echo around the World.


SIRAO is a digital initiative designed to benefit society in three ways. The three pillars are 

1) SOCIAL IMPACT- Philanthropy. Contributing towards the cause  #livelihoodsmatter 

2) COMMUNITY- Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The world is one family. 

    a) Inclusive 

    b) Hope

    c) Empathy 

    d) Empowerment 

3) WELLNESS- Mental and physical health. Given the lockdown, social distancing, financial, mental and physical stress, in one way or another no one has been spared. We first need to take care of ourselves.

An individual by simply registering ( with a click of a few buttons) ticks all the three boxes. Whether one runs/walks in your own compound or neighbourhood, or climbs/runs up and down the stairs of your building, or exercises in their own homes, one benefits. The mantra is, register and make a difference for oneself and society. 


An initiative within SIRAO to unite all 28 states and 8 Union Territories by stoking the competitive spirit within each of us. A competition of GENEROSITY-PRIDE -EMPATHY Three Categories. One winner in each category.States & UT separate.

a) Maximum participation

b) Maximum Funds raised 

c) Maximum distance covered

Competition brings the best out of us. Makes it fun. Brings the community together. Inspires us to do more. Bragging rights. Gets people involved.  

Register now at

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